Monday, July 18, 2011

PHOTOSHOOT: Empyrean - Live at House Of Blues

This past Saturday I hit up my favorite (and least favorite to work with) venue in Orlando, House of Blues, to shoot stills for the best Metal act in Orlando, Empyrean. The staff were only slightly less aggravating then last time this band and I had to deal with them. Here are a couple of the keepers from the "House of Empyrean"...

You can check out a bunch more at the band's Facebook Page.

Saturday, July 16, 2011


Last week, I spent seven days in South Florida with my Mother and family as she went through an elaborate valve replacement surgery in her heart. One of the nights I was there, I was lucky enough to crash with my longtime comrade, Chris McDaniel, who owns a nice little property on South Beach. Besides the usual hijinks (cruising the promenade for Models & stalking Michael Bay's house) Chris turned me onto a little area nearby called WYNWOOD. Wynwood is a major arts and fashion area in Miami, where there are literally blocks and blocks of buildings covered in graffiti and street art, from some of the biggest names around the world. I got up early (after a late night out) and took to the streets of Wynwood to try and capture a bit of the essence. You can check out some of my favorites below, and trust me, this is a very small portion of the area...

The famous American street artist Shepard Fairey seems to have been hanging around...

He also did a full mural on the inside of the famous "Walls at Wynwood" gallery (which unfortunately was CLOSED on Tuesday when I was there.)

You can also catch a glimpse of an original Space Invader in the back right corner of this shot... I don't know how I missed it. Other then dodging the scary looking homeless folks all over.

Can that be a Banksy?? Maybe..Maybe not.

It really is a site to be seen, especially if you are a fan of Street Art. Check it out the next time you are in South Miami!

Friday, July 15, 2011

New Photography Website

Check it out, I'm expanding, and have created a specific site for just my creative photography. It runs smoother and easier than the current Abyssmal site's portfolio. Plus it's set up for mobile use as well. The future is now!


Wednesday, July 13, 2011

The Space Shuttle. 1981-2011

Something world-altering and incredible happened in the spring of 1981, 30 years ago... I was born. 2 months later, something ELSE happened. The inaugural launch of the first NASA Space Shuttle, Columbia. STS-1. A safe, reusable ship that could escort Americans to and from space. A feat that many Earthicans had put blood, sweat and tears into since the great space race in the 1950s.

Unfortunately, due to many factors, this past week was the last of the 135 scheduled shuttle launches. Ever. The crafts are to be retired and spread around the country for many tourists to enjoy from here on out. The technology is working, but I agree is getting outdated. (Most of us wouldn't feel comfortable driving a car that old, let along a rocket ship.) It still brings a tear to my eye.

I have always been a HUGE fan of the shuttle program, a program that has grown up along side me, and has taken me along for the ride. I remember watching the Night launches from the Keys (Yes, you could see a Night launch from there). Watching day launches through my telescope. Going to Kennedy Space Center for the 1st time when I was 8.

Attending my first launch for STS-40, Columbia in 1991. My Dad got us into the Press area, as close as we could.

I even built my 2nd year Pinewood Derby car to be modeled after the Shuttle (and yes of Course I still have it!)

I attended Space Camp in High School, and visited all three Space Centers.

I've attended dozens of launches over the years, and was lucky to be able to take my son, Victor to his first (and last) shuttle launch.

...and currently a Commander Card holder.

You could say I'm a bit of a Shuttle nut. But not a Space nut, I have never truly enjoyed Sci-Fi films or tv shows. I've only seen Star Wars once (when they re-released it in theaters) I hate politics, so naturally have stayed away from Sci-Fi... With a heavy heart, I watched the last Shuttle launch from my hotel room in Miami, near a hospital where my Mother had just gone through a major aortic valve replacement in her heart. I wouldn't have missed the surgery for the world, but it was odd not being able to feel the boom of the engines igniting one last time.

I am excited for the future of NASA, the introduction of private Space administrations, and the refurbishing of KSC as a new Space Port. The plan is supposedly to start shuttling Americans to space again from America within 3 years, through Space X's new program. At the moment, we are paying the Russians to take us up... good plan. I'm stoked to be able to go through it, once it becomes a museum item. I am excited to see where the future of American Space Exploration holds... let's hope it leads us back up and further beyond the stars.