Thursday, September 24, 2009

Adventure Chefs

This past weekend, I had the pleasure of helping Direct a new reality series called "Adventure Chefs". We traveled for 5 days to the mountains of Western North Carolina, around the Waynesville area. The shoot was pretty intense, considering the weather just refused to let up. The elements made a great visual impact, but on our contestants and equipment, was not as welcomed. Everyone survived, and many new friendships were formed. We finally found a store selling the Cocaine Energy drink, which was a big highlight. Unfortunately the burning sensation it gave your mouth particles were not. Thanks to everyone again for risking life and leeches on this episode! I look forward to the next one, that will hopefully be shot in the Florida Keys and under water!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

(Another) New Project(s)

As of this week, I have officially signed on as Executive Producer on a new Horror/Thriller feature film titled "Zellwood". We aren't releasing too many details on it at the moment, but principle photography begins Monday in Orlando, for 14 days. Keep an eye out for more info soon.

We will be hitting the road for the "2:22" festival circuit, first at Spooky Empire in Orlando, (screening Oct 10th, 4pm) and then will be in Los Angeles for the Screamfest LA Horror Film Festival (Oct 16-25)

I will be hitting the road tomorrow (Thursday) to trek with a crew to North Carolina, where I have been hired to direct a new Reality TV show. Can't divulge too much, but it should be interesting running around the Smokey Mountains for 5 days.

Monday, September 14, 2009

September aXis Magazine

I usually get to shoot the covers for aXis Magazine, and always do the layouts and designs. This month, I was fortunate enough to be able to do an awesome photoshop composite of our friend Marissa in a Hurricane. Celebrating Rumfest, the cover is probably my favorite I've ever been able to do. Check it out!

Also, here is the video of us shooting the cover image (in my backyard no less!)

Check out more at

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

2:22 Premieres in Spain and Los Angeles!

Wake up world. It's time to die!
Abyssmal Entertainment's "2:22" to Premiere in Spain, Los Angeles and Orlando

ORLANDO, FLA., SEPTEMBER 9 – Abyssmal Entertainment is proud to announce that its latest cinematic creation; the short horror thriller 2:22, will have it's World Premiere at the 42nd Annual SITGES International Fantastic Film Festival of Catalonia where it will compete as a selection of the "Oficial Fant├ástic".

Immediately following the film's World Premiere in Spain, 2:22 will have it's North American Premiere--at the legendary Mann's Chinese Theater--as part of the 2009 Screamfest Horror Film Festival in Los Angeles, California.

Abyssmal Entertainment would also like to announce that 2:22 will have it's Orlando Premiere at the Freak Show Horror Film Festival as part of Spooky Empire's Ultimate Horror Weekend.

2:22 is the terrifying story of Vickie Palmer who, after an incredible night out with her girlfriends, is wrenched from her peaceful slumber and cast mercilessly into a world spinning out of control. Writhing half naked on the cold porcelain tile of her bathroom floor, Vickie desperately tries to piece together the tragic turn of events that has twisted her once carefree life into a nightmare of pain and suffering. But when she discovers the truth, will it be too late to save her from eternal damnation?

The film, which was written and directed by Steven Shea and produced by Tim Anderson is the culmination of an intense production schedule that saw a three-day whirlwind of principal photography which was then followed up with an extreme three week post-production process, in order to have the film ready for a fall festival run. "I don't think we could have dared ask for a more devoted cast and crew" says producer Tim Anderson. A point that is reiterated by Shea "After being beaten, bloodied and shot at during production, its amazing to see our horrific vision come to life". Discover more at

SITGES International Fantastic Film Festival of Catalonia is the number one fantasy film festival in the world and represents, at the same time, the cultural expression with the most media impact in Catalonia. With a solid experience, the Sitges Festival is a stimulating universe of encounters, exhibitions, presentations and screenings of fantasy films from all over the world.

This 42nd annual festival will run from October 1st - 12th 2009 in the Mediterranean oasis of Sitges, Spain. Just 35 kilometers southwest of Barcelona, the 2008 SITGES Film Festival attracted an audience of over 100,000 in addition to 1000 journalists and media representing some 20 countries and 700 industry professionals.

The Screamfest Horror Film Festival, which will run from October 16th - 25th 2009, was founded in 2001 by film producers Rachel Belofsky (GOING TO PIECES: THE RISE AND FALL OF THE SLASHER FILM) and Ross Martin in order to give filmmakers and writers in the horror/sci-fi genres a venue to have their work showcased to people in the industry. The festival partnered with the four-time Academy Award winner Stan Winston in 2004 to further broaden its industry reach. Screamfest also boasts an advisory panel made up of some of the biggest names in horror film history, including Wes Craven, Clive Barker, John Carpenter, Eli Roth, John Landis, Tobe Hooper and Sean Cunningham.

The Freak Show Horror Film Festival is part of Spooky Empire's Ultimate Horror Weekend (October 9th - 11th). The film will screen at 4pm on Saturday, October 10th at the Wyndham Orlando Resort. Convention tickets are available at Writer/Director Steven Shea and Producer Tim Anderson will be in attendance for the screening. The Freak Show Horror Film Festival is the brainchild of FEAR FILM President/CEO Robert J. Massetti. An independent horror filmmaker himself, Robert wanted a film festival that really celebrated the independent horror filmmaker by giving the artist a forum to show his or her work with other horror filmmakers. The festival is really a showcase of some of the most talented, up and coming horror filmmakers in the world and continues to grow by leaps and bounds every year.