Monday, May 16, 2011

PHOTOSHOOT: Sharkteeth

Our friends have a crazy horror punk band in Orlando, named Sharkteeth. Recently I took some new promotional photos for the band, with this spooky Scooby-Doo theme in mind to go with the band's zaniness (They do have a song called "Leatherface's Pool Party" after all!). They also did one of the renditions to the theme song of our movie Doomsday County. Check out the final product...

See more of Sharkteeth here.

Models: Keenan, Teri, Lee, Carson, Stephen
Shot in Studio: Orlando, FL
Canon 5D Mark II, 17-40mm f/4L Canon Lens
Lighting: Alien Bee 1600 & 800 Ring Flash

Sunday, May 15, 2011

PHOTOSHOOT: Jessica Reyes

I was approached by Jessica Reyes, a radio personality from La Mega 98.1 in Orlando, to shoot some new promo shots. We were scheduled to shoot in the radio station, but when we arrived, we discovered that they were doing construction on the building that day. So we made due by shooting nearby...

Model: Jessica Reyes
Shot on Location: Altamonte Springs, FL
Canon 5D Mark II, 17-40mm f/4L & 70-200mm f/4L Canon Lenses
Lighting: Alien Bee 1600 & 800 Ring Flash

PHOTOSHOOT: Aurelia (JCrew Style)

One of my favorite ladies to shoot in the state is our friend Aurelia. Always down to do something crazy... until her agent requests we get some "J Crew" shots... A J Crew shot is basically someone wearing normal clothing in front of a grey backdrop... Definitely something that would be exciting to me...Not.
Anyway, here are the studio shots we ended up coming up with. Needs more Sharks in my opinion.

Model: Aurelia
Shot on Location: Shea Compound, Orlando, FL
Canon 5D Mark II, 70-200mm f/4L Canon Lense
Lighting: Alien Bee 1600, 800 & 800 Ring Flash

PHOTOSHOOT: aXis Magazine Cover, May 2011

Each year now at aXis our May cover revolves around the Miss Corona De Mayo contest (a play on the Mexican holiday "Cinco De Mayo", for the pedestrian readers) This was my first chance to shoot the May cover, and we did so with the utmost aXis professionalism. After Winning a Bikini contest, our model, Cassie met with myself, Rick, and Paul our videographer at the JW Marriott Golf Course, where a local beverage company was holding a Golf tournament. We spent the day shooting around the course, driving in our golf carts looking for good locations, and stopping at a different alcohol tent at each hole. Needless to say, the day was most interesting, and we got some great shots with the golfy background. Here is the final cover and other favorite frames...

You can also check out the Behind The Scenes Video of our Photoshoot below:

Model: Cassie
Shot on Location: JW Marriott, Kissimmee, FL
Canon 5D Mark II, 70-200mm f/4L Canon Lens
Lighting: Alien Bee 1600
Video by: Adam ArNali & Paul Steward

Florida Music Festival 2011

After being crazy busy and in and out of town the past few weeks, I have been neglecting my Blog. Look for a mass of updates!

The first week of April, I had the opportunity to once again (4th year in a row) run Video & Photography crews for the 10th Annual Florida Music Festival. The event is always a blast, and this year was extra special, because it was the unveiling of the new musical act I have been assisting with Of Valleys (formerly T13C!) I also unveiled the Music Video I created for them as well. One of the highlights, was shooting and rocking out from the security it to one of my favorite bands of the 1990s, Better Than Ezra. So with Birch, Adam & Paul, we set out to capture the 4 day event. Here is some photographic evidence...

Also as a First this year, I was chosen to create all of the marketing materials and logo for FMF 2011. We based everything around a large X, to represent the 10th year of the festival. I wanted it to be almost a monument, covered with band names of this year, and years past...

You can find out more information about the Festival here.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

The Interrogationists

I was flown to Los Angeles this week to Direct and help Produce a new comedy web series from the mind of Priscilla Gibbons, called The Interrogationists. It's a pretty funny 10 episode series, going to be edited over the next few months. It stars Drew Seeley (Glory Daze, High School Musical), Sarah Agor (Scream Queens, Hatchet II), Kevin Horton (American Pie: Book of Love) & Priscilla Gibbons (Hoodoo For Voodoo) Look for it soon!

The Interrogationists: A comedy webseries centered around two interrogators who are occasionally serious about their jobs, but are always sidetracked by life and the insanity of the people they are "interrogating".

Check it out on Facebook here.